Quick & Efficient Stove Flue & Chimney Cleaning

Chimney & Stove Flue Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning

If your chimney is need of some TLC, then why not avail of our great chimney cleaning services. SOS Cleaning Services’s quick and effective chimney cleaning services are available to clients in Cork and all across Munster.

We recommended having your chimney cleaned 1-2 times a year. The idea time for cleaning is just before the winter months begin. Cleaning your chimney removes all soot, dirt, and blockages that may cause fire and damage with prolonged use. Additionally, after the prolonged and heavy usage during the winter months, it is always a good idea to have the chimney cleaned once more so that it will be ready to be used if it’s needed in the spring and summer.

At SOS Cleaning Services, we use chimney rods, vacuums and sheets to ensure your chimney is fully cleaned to the highest standard in order to prevent any chimney fires. Chimney cleaning is the cost effective way to prevent fires that can easily be avoided but can cause untold amounts of damage We also clean chimneys that have bird nests stuck or lodged in them at an extra cost.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality services at low prices and constantly monitor the market so that we can remain competitive. Our chimney cleaning services start from as little as €50.

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Stove Flue Cleaning

In recent years, we have noticed a significant increase in people replacing traditional chimneys with modern fuel burning stoves. These stoves are a great low cost, low maintenance alternative for heating your home. However, they also require regular cleaning.

When cleaning stove flues we use the latest rotary chimney rods. These rods are ultra flexible so that they fit around any sharp bends that may be in the flue. We attach a drill onto the end of the rods and sweep your chimney up to the top ensuring there is no soot left in the chimney that will cause any problems. Sheets are laid down on the ground and also taped up around the stove to make sure that no soot is able to escape, leaving your property mess free.

Our stove flue cleaning service starts from as little as €60 and is available to clients in Cork and Munster.

Chimney & Stove Flues FAQs

  • How often should my chimney be cleaned?

    Your chimney needs to be cleaned once a year. Ideally this should be done in early Autumn before the cold weather kicks in. The same applies for stoves.

  • How do I know if my chimney needs to be cleaned?

    There are many warning signs that your chimney is due a cleaning. These include a strong smell emitting from the fireplace, poorly burning fires, and a build-up of smoke when burning wood.

  • How long does it take to clean a chimney?

    A typical chimney clean takes between 30 to 90 minutes. If your chimney is blocked with birds nest and other debris then it will take longer.